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805 Talk

Oct 27, 2019

It is well documented that there will be a great transfer of wealth as the baby boomer generation ages and passes away. There exists an amazing opportunity for non-profit organizations to keep in close touch with their donor base, and keep their eyes and ears open for planned gift opportunities. Although planned gifts rarely happen immediately (hence, planned gifts...), they can be transformative for an organization.

Do you work for a nonprofit? Do you sit on the board of a nonprofit? If so, this episode provides very important information for your organization.

Juan Ros, financial advisor with Forum Financial Management, offers our listeners a unique perspective. Juan offers a unique perspective as he possesses great experience in the nonprofit world as a planned giving officer. He also has a wealth of knowledge as he now advises clients on planning strategies that could also involve gifts to nonprofits.

This episodes focuses on real estate gifts. Where a monthly gift can be as little as $5 a month, and is incredibly valuable to an organization, and a major gift can be a donation of $500 or $1,000, a planned gift can easily be in the $100,000s and even over $1 million.

Organizations that think they are too small to accept a real estate gift can learn a great deal from this episode. It could be as simple as creating a gift acceptance policy (if one isn't already in place) and speaking with someone from a community foundation, such as Ventura County Community Foundation or California Community Foundation.

I hope you find  great value from this show, and if you do, please share it with your donor base and others in the nonprofit world.

You can reach Juan at 805-494-3416.